Wife to 1 Husband

His name is Rob a.k.a husbancito or beardface and he is a good one. Best person to be sharing this wonderful journey with.

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Mother to 2 children

Amaia and Ezra a.k.a the Dragons. Thanks to them life is never dull. They make me smile every day (also slightly delirious).

Photo credit Allison Dewey

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I love sunshine

Born and raised in Madrid where winters are cold, we also get rain and snow but most of our winter days are bitterly cold with glorious blue skies. Summers are hideously hot and it is right in the middle of the country so the beach is nowhere to be seen! After almost 14 years in the UK I am still not used to the frequent grey/white skies. Give me a bright blue sky and I am happy (even if it’s cold!).

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I have 3, Hugo, Fred and Daphne. They give me allergies but I can’t stop petting their bellies ha!

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I hate flying, I am terrified of planes but it has never stopped me from going anywhere (thankfully!) I do need some encouragement and have been compared to B.A Barracus.  On that note I absolutely love travelling, seeing different places and learning about traditions, history and culture and have been fortunate enough to travel to some amazing places.

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TV and Boxsets

Binge watching box sets with my husband. Some of my favourites are The Walking Dead, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel and American Horror Story. Such is the love we share for the Walking Dead we have attended several conventions and even went on a Walking Dead themed cruise from New Orleans to Mexico and met some of the cast at sea! That’s me and husbandface with Negan!

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Love music and seeing live bands, Foo Fighters being at the top of my list! Here is a phone photo of the last Foo Fighters gig we went to at the Olympic Stadium in London.

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